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My name is Victor Chavanne and I am a 25 year old from France.
I recently got a BA in Animation Art in LASALLE College of the Arts and I am now doing a master in Digital Realisation at Rubika Supinfocom. I am looking forward entering the active life. I have been working on several project with outside companies and been given advises by professionals. These experiences have made my thinking more creatively and given me a real work ethic. I also had the opportunity to work on team project which had me train me with constructive thinking, pressure management, tight schedule and problem solving situation. I wish to learn a lot more and I believe that with my thirst for improvement and my ability for team work, I can be a great contributor to the animation industry.

You can contact me by email at victor.chavanne@gmail.com or on my hand-phone at +32 652 222 716


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